Online Meeting Guidelines

Online Meeting Guidelines - East Bridgewater

This document should be used to assist in setting rules for online conferences. Teachers, parents and students should review the following guidelines prior to the meeting.

For Teachers

  1. Before starting with the first official class meeting, take time to make sure each student understands how to mute, unmute, and use comments.
  2. Consider this platform as an opportunity for connection and conversation.
  3. During each session, allow each attendee an opportunity to speak.
  4. Give direction regarding the chat feature in the platform. If possible, have a second adult monitor the chat.
  5. Don’t use this platform for lectures or one-sided communication. 
  6. Facilitate student-student interaction as much as possible.
  7. Keep calls under one hour and allow students to come and go as needed.
  8. Captions can be turned on as needed in Google Meet.
  9. Establish hand signals for whole group responses.
  10. Do not take screenshots, pictures, or record your meetings. 
  11. Be the last person to leave the virtual meeting. 

For Students

  1. Keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking. Each student is in charge of their own microphone. 
  2. Use the comments area for messages that are on-topic for the discussion.
  3. Only share your screen when asked to do so by the teacher.
  4. Take turns and do not interrupt others when speaking.
  5. If you turn off your video during calls for privacy for your household, be sure that your profile picture is school appropriate.
  6. You may use headphones if you have them, but they are not required. 
  7. Please be aware that you are video chatting into people’s homes and the teachers’ homes. Appropriate dress, drinks, behavior, decoration, etc. should be considered for all participants.
  8. All items posted in the chat box in Google Meet can be seen by teachers. Chats will be directed and moderated by teachers.
  9. School rules, classroom respect, and decorum apply.
  10. If a student is consistently disruptive or inappropriate and cannot be redirected by the teacher, a warning will be given to the student. If disruptive behavior continues, the student may be removed from the video session, and/or the session may be ended for all participants.
  11. If this happens, the building Principal or Assistant Principal will be called to address the situation. Note: student accounts cannot remove or mute other attendants in a Meet session. 
  12. Students should not record or take pictures during a video conference session. 

For Parents/Guardians

  1. All video calls are for students & teachers not parents/guardians. We know parents may be in the room or even in view but they should not participate in the chat. We understand that students with certain needs may require redirection by parents, but please let the teacher direct the students.
  2. Imagine doing your job while on display this way. Try to see the immense pressure this puts on our staff. At the same time, enjoy them. They are brilliant and dedicated.
  3. Please make sure the view behind your child during a video chat is what you want seen by the class.
  4. We are all new to this; be patient, assume the best. We will listen to your feedback.